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Economic Funding

Our service package:

· Assistance

· Aid and support

· Funding of new and existing enterprises

It is an absolute priority to be flexible in what we are doing, to enhance teamwork wherever we can and to offer attractive services.

One of our most important economic strategies for the next few years is to establish businesses and new and innovative start ups in Hartberg Municipality.

We provide customised location proposals for potential businesses with information on building sites, office and shop floor premises, designations, traffic infrastructure, human resources potential, the economic environment and further education facilities etc.

We provide support for business relocation

A team of workers takes care of the swift handling procedures and coordination appointments. Information on possible funding and contacts to funding offices and authorities can be established, if needed.

Funding from Hartberg Municipality

· Job-related funding

· Funding for apprenticeships

· Individual funding


Please send your inquiries on Hartberg industrial location via e-mail to: