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Facts and Figures

Strategically Favourable Location

Due to the existing traffic connections and communication facilities, EU markets and those of emerging eastern country markets can be developed.

With the EU expansion of eastern countries, new attractive sales markets and cooperation opportunities are waiting. As the central linchpin between Graz and Vienna, Hartberg is also the access gate to Hungary.

A Location and its many Advantages

Due to the A2 motorway and the B 54 main road (Wechselbundesstraße), the B 50 main road and the L 401 provincial road, Hartberg district and predominantly Hartberg Municipality as the central place are very well developed in southern, eastern and north-eastern direction.

Parallel to the B 54 main road, the Aspang railway (Austrian Federal Railways) leads from Wiener Neustadt to Hartberg and then to Fürstenfeld (side line of the Südbahn railway route)

There is another important transport axis from Hartberg via Oberwart in the direction of Szombathely (Hungary). There are some regional/supra-regional interactions to south and central Burgenland labour market and the economic area (Oberwart, Pinkafeld) via the above mentioned international axis and the connection Lafnitz Pinkafeld on the L 417 Neustifterstraße provincial road.

Hartberg town can be reached within 30 minutes with the existing road net (IV) for a (theoretical) population of 130.083*; 73.7 % of the catchment area is located in Styria and 26.3 % in adjacent Burgenland.

* The evaluation was done on OSTAT population statistics and Herold route planning system for the Austrian road net.

Traffic and Distances

Location DistanceDistance in kmDistance in minutes
Graz Centre7050
nearest Graz Airport (Thalerhof)8055
Vienna centre12790
Vienna Airport (Schwechat)14090
nearest border crossing Heiligenkreuz (Hungary)4035
Spielfeld border crossing (Slovenia)8070
Salzburg360180 (3 hrs.)
Linz300150 (2.5 hrs.)
Munich500270 (4.5 hrs.)
Budapest320180 (3 hrs.)
Ljubljana255165 (2 hrs. 45 min.)
Wiener Neustadt7545