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Our Vision and Positioning

Economy and Ecology in Keeping with our Vision

We want to combine economic life, innovative economic ethos and a high quality of life, resulting in sound and efficient businesses and motivated staff.

We trust in eco-technology and new technical developments, trade (Hartberg shopping town) and logistics as well as services which come close to economy and international networks. It is research & development and the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the environmental and energy sector which are of vital importance in Styria.

Our site benefits:

· Central junction between Vienna and Graz as to the EU-eastern country enlargement

· Vicinity to markets in Graz, Vienna, Burgenland and Hungary

· Convenient traffic connections and infrastructure

· High supply rate as to medical, educational and public services in situ

· Skilled work force

· Developed industrial and commercial sites

· Comprehensive business services by Hartberg municipality

· Average gross median income

· Politically and economically stable