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How the Ecopark came into being

At the current location on the edge of Hartberg, the town’s public utility company as a municipal subsidiary ran the municipal brick company for decades.

After the brickearth supply was exhausted at the end of the 1990s, the production had to be closed for good in 1999.

Comprehensive production site analyses and studies were carried out to determine a further use of the 15 ha site. Starting an ecologically-oriented innovation centre was found to be the most promising thing to do. The intention was to combine commercial, research and adventure sites under the umbrella term of ecology. Accordingly, companies were located there which were supposed to cooperate and, ideally, conduct a recycling economy. It is worth mentioning that several enterprises dealing with alternative energies and waste management of existing commercial chemical substances were found for the Ecopark site. Furthermore, service, catering and trade businesses settled here.

At present there are more than 30 enterprises at the Hartberg Ecopark site, with about 130 staff. The Hartberg utility company workers, the site operator, have not been included in these figures.

The future-oriented Park

The idea of the Ecopark as a commercial enterprise not only covers ecological and sustainable objectives but also concentrates on high-quality workplaces for all the enterprises located in the Park.

Therefore it is our special concern to provide a decisively higher level of attraction by creating a unique ambience and useful infrastructure (compared with other commercial and industrial parks), closeness to the Centre of Applied Research as well as the link-up to leisure and adventure destinations.

The Ecopark location is to be a particular positive experience not only for the entrepreneurs as our customers but also for the entire staff. Ecopark is an especially attractive and motivating place to work for everybody.

Ecopark is to form a symbiosis of work, research and education. This is a unique project in Europe!

Ecopark is based on an innovative three-column concept, enclosing a network of independent commercial enterprises dealing with environmental concerns and an Applied Research Centre as well as leisure and exhibition facilities.

It is the only place where one can find the congenial combination of work, research, leisure and adventure. This interaction plays a decisive role for many resident enterprises, both as far as location and image is concerned.

Park for commerce and research

Ecopark is an ideal environment for enterprises which are commercially engaged in ecology. Besides general operation activities, state-of-the-art circular economy is applied from the scientific point of view (supply and waste management of the entire premises are more or less a closed circuit). What is more, in cooperation with our partner Joanneum Research, University of Applied Sciences, on-site research is being done. To round off what this microcosmos has to offer, ample room for scientific, cultural and economic training and seminars is available.

Adventure park

Austria’s first infotainment park came into being by connecting ecology, economy, leisure and adventure, resulting in a sustainable experience for all its visitors. The notion of adventure is an integral part of Ecopark and offers unique attractions for the whole family. Locally resident companies allow the visitors to have a look behind the scenes. We invite you to come here and gain an insight into how work and research is done in harmony with nature.

MAXOOM at Hartberg Ecopark – Austria’s largest screen

The former IMAX®-Wien is now at the Ecopark site as one of 35 large format cinemas Europe wide and inspires young and old with its 400 m² screen, spectacular natural-scientific movies and the impressive AQUA & terra water and terraria exhibition in the foyer of the movie.

For details of the current programme and season see at: and the daily newspapers.

Exhibitions and Events

MAXOOM is only one popular event location at Hartberg Ecopark. There are periodically changing permanent exhibitions and seminar rooms with the latest technical facilities. All this and much more makes Ecopark to an attractive place to be throughout the year.