Hartberg Museum


Hartberg Museum is a contemporary museum in an ancient house.

The tour through the permanent exhibition, dealing with Hartberg town’s and district’s history rouses memories of one’s own history and infancy because the tour starts in a class room crammed with chattels, utensils and teaching aids from the 1950s.

Proceeding from this meeting point, major events and historical developments of the 20th century are contemplated and Hartberg’s history unrolled in retrospection. Visitors to the exhibition are offered an exciting, interesting and historically informed overview of war and defence history focusing on Turks and Kuruc, social and law history, especially that of the Middle Ages up to the Roman period and the Ringkogel settlement in the Urnfield period.

Museum Hartberg
Herrengasse 6
8230 Hartberg
Tel.: 03332-66001